We are nearing the end of our week of ministry in Montreal. We had hoped to post updates earlier in the week, but our days have been running around 12 hours each day – and that’s before we return to have dinner. To say the least, we are a little tired at the end of each day. But it has been a good week, and we will be sad to say our goodbyes on Friday.

We are not posting any pictures of the students that we have been working with at the request of their parents. We have had 25 students this week, ranging in age from 6 to 14, with varying levels of English, from none to fluent. Most of the students were born in Syria so their native language is Arabic. They also speak some French, depending on how long they have lived in Canada.

A typical day (9 am to 5 pm) is as follows.

Welcome time to help learn each other’s names

This is my story. Each day the students completed a page in their ‘book.’ 1) My name is … (with a self portrait.) 2) I am from … (with a drawing of their country or home.) 3) My favorite food is … and 4) A person I love is …

Singing Scripture songs (throughout the day.) Our theme verse has been Proverbs 3:5-6.

English vocabulary and worksheets

Morning snack

Lessons from the Bible from the books of Daniel and Jonah

Games and crafts related to the Bible stories


More games, crafts, singing

Afternoon snack

Review of the day’s activities

On Tuesday and Thursday, we walked to a neighborhood park to help the children run off some steam. On Wednesday, we went to the science museum. That included lots of walking, a 30 minute ride on the Metro (each way), and 1 1/2 hours at the museum, all while keeping track of 25 active children.

It has been a fun week of building relationships and encouraging the children to trust and obey God. We might never see these children again, so we will be trusting God to continue His work in their lives.

Thank you for your prayers. We will start the long drive home tomorrow afternoon with what we hope to be an eight hour drive followed by a planned sixteen hour drive on Saturday.

In early August Calvary is sending a team to Montreal Canada. Last year, Family Ministry pastor Brian Martin and Matthew Bergquist traveled to Montreal to explore the possibility of ministry there. Earlier this month, Calvary-supported missionaries Adam and Michelle Morgan moved to Sherbrooke Quebec, where they will soon begin language school in preparation for future ministry in Montreal. Adam and his oldest son will join our team after we arrive in Montreal as we conduct an English camp for immigrants August 6-10. Three staff members from Christian Direction in Montreal will serve as our translators as our students speak Arabic or other foreign languages, some French, and little to no English. We will use lessons from the Old Testament books of Daniel and Jonah to teach basic English vocabulary with an emphasis on trusting and obeying God. Daniel was taken as a captive from Judah and lived in Babylon much of his life. He modeled trust and obedience as he served God in a foreign country. Jonah had to learn some hard lessons in how to obey God. Learning to trust and obey God are lessons that each of us need to learn.

Pictured are our team members (left to right) David Henry, Roy MaKosky, Glenna MaKosky, Kathy Bergquist, Nathan Bergquist, Matthew Bergquist, and Tom Bergquist. We leave Rochester August 3. It will take us two days to drive to Montreal. On August 5, we will worship in Montreal, have dinner with missionaries Steve and Jane Wheeler, and spend time exploring the city before beginning the English camp on the 6th. Please pray for our safety in travel and good conversations during our travel as we prepare for our time of ministry in Montreal.

In early August, Calvary will send a team to Montreal Canada to work with our new missionaries, Adam and Michelle Morgan.  We will help with a day camp for immigrants where we will use stories from the Old Testament to help them learn English.  Please pray for the Morgans as they get settled in Canada, and for our team as we prepare for this trip. Members of the team are: Kathy and Tom Bergquist, Matthew Bergquist, Nathan Bergquist, Roy and Glenna MaKosky, and David Henry. Curious about our logo? 514 is the area code for the part of Montreal where we will work. It is also a reference to Matthew 5:14 – “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” One of the unique landmarks of Montreal is an illuminated cross that was erected on Mount Royal in 1924. A cross has been on that spot from as early as the 17th century. The current cross can be seen from all over the city. We want to be salt and light to the people of Montreal during our time there as we point them to the cross and to our Savior.