Recently, I was reading a short little book called “I Am A Church Member” by Thom Rainer. Basically, I’m going to go ahead and say this is essential reading for any church-going follower of Christ. Why? Because it’s short, easy to understand, and helpful as we consider how we engage with the greater Body of Christ and its individual, local expressions like Calvary. So please, read the book if you can – newer members at Calvary will already be familiar since it is used in our membership process. (And by the way, it’s only like 75 pages! Link here. Also available on Audible.)

But he takes it a step further – and this is where my understanding fell short in a painfully obvious way.  I have, of course, always rejected the idea that church membership means you “pay dues” through giving and then expect something in return. I knew it was different than that. But Biblically, “member” means something closer to appendage than club participant/owner. Of course it means that!

What Being a Member Really Means

Anyway, there is a piece in there that I wanted to bring to your attention because it just made SO MUCH SENSE. Rainer looks at the word “member” carefully, and points out how our understanding of that word has been corrupted by outside influence. He highlights what membership in a country club looks like – you pay money, so you get special perks and privileges of the tennis club/golf course/etc. And, he argues (rightly) that that is not what Biblical membership is or should be.

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**First, I hope you can join us for Parent Summit next Saturday, February 23. For more details, see the bottom of the article!**

On one hand, faith is a simple thing. It is belief – especially belief in what cannot be seen.

But of course, the factors that lead to faith – and specifically a Faith of Their Own – are elusive, mysterious, and at times, patently unclear. There are correlative factors that tend to be true in children who choose to follow Jesus compared to those who don’t (family worship, a father’s involvement in faith, biblical literacy, to name a few), but there are no formulas and no guarantees.

But one other factor I think is important is the language we use to talk about our faith. And there’s one key word I think we must use – especially with the next generation – when we talk about faith. And that word is TRUST.

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You are receiving this email because you have a child involved with a ministry program at Calvary. We’re so honored that you are a part of our church family!

 Hi Friends,

Our Family Ministry team wants to equip you to help every child in your family to be growing in a faith of their own. While we try to do that in a multitude of different ways, we do think gathering together as a tribe of parents is helpful and beneficial every once in a while. Considering how much of our time and energy goes into parenting, it’s actually surprising how little we spend time intentionally considering where we’ve been and where we are going as parents and as a family.

However, we have a chance for you to do that coming up, and I wanted to extend a personal invitation to you to join us. The Parent Summit will be Saturday, February 23 from 9:00am-3:00pm at Calvary, and I am legitimately elated that we get to enjoy this event together!

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